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After much hype, Farhan Saeed’s song, Rab Rakha,  for Punjab Nahi Jaungi was finally released yesterday and unfortunately for Urwa-Farhan fans, it doesn’t feature the popular couple together.

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What it does feature is a lot of heartbreak, tears and emotions! The song itself is mellow, has a sweet melody and the commercial likability that Farhan’s voice is associated with, but we wish the video was more interesting. Nearly five minutes happen to be a tad bit too long for a song this slow, and even to see the ensemble cast with broken hearts crying and sighing to no end. Hence, it was a bit of a task to sit through the whole thing.

Special props for Farhan’s monochrome zigzag tie that looks pretty funky, as well as how beautiful Urwa looks even when she’s just had her heart broken! The actress tends to always keep her makeup minimal and opts for the natural look, but those rosy cheeks and ruby red lipstick suit her so well.

ARY has put a copyright on the video so you’ll have to head over to YouTube to hear it, if you haven’t already.