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Singer-turned-actor Farhan Saeed has made a comeback on TV with Ramazan special drama Suno Chanda and the audience seems to be quite enjoying his witty character. Directed by Ahsan Talish, produced by Momina Duraid Productions and featuring Iqra Aziz opposite Farhan, it has emerged as a hit and garnered mostly positive reviews.

The TV serial is a light comedy with a dose of drama. Farhan’s character Arsal and Iqra’s character Jiya are cousins who get married as per their dying grandfather’s wish but in reality hate each other. The two constantly quarrel and try their best to get rid of the marriage.



Team Something Haute got in touch with Farhan to ask him about his experience while shooting for Suno Chanda and what made him choose this project. Here’s what he had to tell us.


Suno Chanda has received overwhelmingly positive feedback. How does that make you feel?

Farhan Saeed: Well it makes me really happy, people are really appreciating me for my acting, the best part about this is I feel more confident now about choosing my scripts. However, all my colleagues and friends were against my decision of choosing to work in a Ramazan drama as not many are successful, since Ramazan transmissions have taken all the attention of the audience but when I read the script, I really liked it and felt this is a character I should definitely do. I knew this project had a lot of potential. I am more than content as the appreciation I am getting for this drama is way more than what I received for Udaari. 



With the success of Suno Chanda would we see you more often on TV now, as after Udaari it took you a while to make a comeback?

Farhan:  The bigger the project, the more difficult it is to come back and do it because there’s a lot of responsibility on your shoulders to choose what kind of work you think people would appreciate. Of course you want it to be different. So you have to wait for the right script which you feel will be liked and something you, yourself can give your best too. If I get such scripts time and again, you’ll surely see me frequently.


On-screen Arsal and Jiya fight a lot, how is your relationship with Iqra off-screen?

Farhan: Yes Jiya and Arsal fight a lot, they are the typical cousins who hate each other but can’t live without each other, and this is exactly how my childhood was as well. I come from a Punjabi joint family myself and lived with a bunch of cousins, we used to fight a lot but there wasn’t even a single day when we didn’t see each other. Off-screen Iqra and I have a really good relation, she is a brilliant actor and we are really good friends and that made it quite easy for us to play our characters.



Funniest moment during the shoot of Suno Chanda that you would like to share with us?

Farhan: Too many! During the shoot everyday was fun. The moments with Nadia jee (my mother in the drama) were really funny because of the kind of character she has of a Punjabi mother. There were some cute moments with Iqra too as you see we fight a lot, so at times while fighting we just used to burst out laughing. I wish people could see the BTS of Suno Chanda, they would absolutely love it.


Can you relate Arsal and Jiya’s bond to your and Urwa’s in any way?

Farhan: Umm not really,  Jiya and Arsal are cousins and with Urwa that’s not the case. She’s not my cousin neither I grew up with her. Talking about the fighting part, yes Urwa and I do argue often but not as a husband and wife but as best friends so that’s the only bit I can relate with.