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Farhan Saeed’s vocals have been appreciated not only in Pakistan but in India too. With a huge fan following, he gets love from both sides of the border. Farhan released his latest single ‘Dil Hua Panchi’ this evening and it features him against the beautiful New York city backdrop.

The lyrics talk about the dynamics of love; it’s simple and so is Farhan’s music. The song is a soft-subtle visual treat with his soothing vocals adding to the romantic pop vibe of the track. People in love will be able to connect and feel the emotions. If this Farhan’s Valentine’s Day gift to his fans, then it’s perfect.

That said, we’re still waiting for that one ballad that’ll outdo ‘Sajni‘ our ultimately favourite Farhan Saeed love song. ‘Dil Hua Panchi’ has a pleasant ring to it and yet we feel that even he’s trying really hard to outdo ‘Sajni’, which he’s been unable to.

The song has been directed by Asim Farooki while the composition and production has been done by Adrian David Emmanuel.

Watch ‘Dil Hua Panchi’ below: