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Overload’s vocalist Farhad Humayun is back in the music scene and has just released a soulful single titled Ho Janay Do. The singer is talking about surrendering to the power of divine love in the song.

Featuring Sarah Ajaz Khan as his muse in the video, Farhad sings a groovy tune in which he has played all the instruments himself including guitar, bass and drums.

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Like a one many army, Farhad has written, produced, directed and arranged the song along with Sarmad Ghafoor. Ho Janay Do is a song that imbibes Farhad’s signature style and has a contemporary/ rock take on a soulful ballads.

This one has a theatrical feel to it, as it is shot against a white backdrop with blue and grey visions of running horses, flying brides, whirling dervishes and thunder. The powerful imagery gels with the impactful lyrics creating a mystic aura.

You can watch the song here: