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We were impressed and unsurprised, to see Sridevi wearing an aristocratic red gown by Faraz Manan for the Russian premiere of her film, Mom. Impressed because she looked great and it’s an achievement for a designer from Pakistan to dress a celebrity from India, as it would be vice versa, given the situation we’re dealing with these days. Relations between both countries have not really been conducive for cross-border cultural exchange. And unsurprised because Faraz Manan is Pakistan’s first couturier to establish a steady clientele and recognition for himself internationally and he has a loyal following in Bollywood.


Faraz Manan


We got in touch with Faraz for details.

“This outfit is from my new Empire Collection,” the designer told us. “Sridevi ordered it a month ago and then came for fittings when she was in Dubai for the Masala Awards.”


Faraz Manan


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Sridevi chose to wear Faraz Manan to the red carpet of Mom in Moscow, last night, for the first international Premiere of her film. The film has been released as Mama in Russia.