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Atif Aslam is at the pinnacle of success and his fan base is as loyal as it can get. We can get an idea of his popularity when the singer starts trending on Twitter without any new release or news. Recently, Twitter was enjoying a new game when users started reminiscing about some of their favourite Atif Aslam’s songs in a unique way — they translated the lyrics or titles into English and undoubtedly the creativity left us rolling in laughter.

The most popular Jal or Atif track for Gen Z has to be Aadat or should we call it Habit from now on, as suggested by a user. It all started when a user on some forum posted a funny anecdote that “a friend from Islamabad told that she loved the song of Atif Aslam — Habit — it took me 5 minutes to realize she meant Aadat.”

Someone took a screenshot of the story and then a hilarious game of English lyrics followed with retweets.



Try to guess the songs from their funny English translations…


What is this sorcery!



This reminds us of sweet drinks in this hot and humid weather!



This one is a bit complicated!




One of the forgotten gems it is…



A super-hit number starring a former Bollywood couple. 



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 And Atif has more than enough hit songs.



Some tough ones to crack!