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Ahmed Ali Akbar is making headlines ever since the teasers of his upcoming drama Parizaad released. The actor has given some stellar performances in his career and has also won fame and appreciation for the limited work he has done. Following Ehd-e-Wafa, the actor will be returning to our TV screen with Parizaad which features an ensemble cast narrating an unconventional yet interesting story. Among the many fans applauding his craft is superstar, Fahad Mustafa.

Taking to Instagram, the Fahad  shared his sentiments.

“You are a true performer, my friend,” wrote Fahad Mustafa sharing that he always believed that Ahmed should act more.



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“We always had conversations about me telling you why don’t you act anymore and you had your reasons but I wasn’t convinced and decided to leave you be… and then out of nowhere you do this and I am amazed and happy at the same time knowing that I was always right about your skills and craft.”

Fahad went on to praise him for his character and wished him luck. “I wish you all the luck in the world. When everyone is busy just talking about good characters, you have actually created one for you.”

Parizaad, a drama that perfectly encompasses the struggles faced by a man through different phases of life,” reads the description on YouTube.

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Ahmed has completely transformed his look for the drama; he plays the character of a dark-skinned guy with a pure heart, however, he does not meet society’s standard of beauty and acceptance. His name is poles apart from his outer appearance. Parizaad is a writer and wins people with his words, however, the shallow society fails to see beyond his appearance. The drama aims to take viewers through the lead’s life which is full of pain and misery.

Parizaad will air on HUM TV soon.