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The recent case of Hania Aamir being bullied online by social media trolls is not the first and definitely not the last that has happened in Pakistan. The world of showbusiness is saturated with indecent incidents where women were abused and threatened in the name of so-called moral policing. And this time, it took a turn for the worse as it ended up looking like an ex-lover’s quarrel.

At such instances, when a female celebrity reacts or defends herself, she is faced with more harsh criticism for weeks and this is the level of cyberbullying. Unfortunately, it appears that even the industry got divided into two factions; each supporting one artist. Nonetheless, the incident was unfortunate and this should not happen to any celebrity.

Thankfully, a few male celebrities took a stand and voice their concern over this “disgusting” behavior and “hateful comments”.


Ali Rehman Khan

“It’s time we stand up and call out disgusting individuals who make sick hateful comments/jokes at a woman’s expense. Hold them accountable for inciting hate so that we can make sure they never do to again. Online harassment/bullying needs to stop,” he wrote.



Fahad Mustafa

“Disgusted with the way people are treating actresses of our industry, if you don’t like what they do you have a choice not to follow them but stop judging and trolling … #respectwomen,” Fahad expressed.



Gohar Rasheed

“Being a part of this fraternity where we respect our women, where we treat them equally, using your celebrity status for bullying a girl, hanging your dirty laundry in public is unacceptable and vile. Being people of influence don’t be petty, misogynistic and disrespectful,” he said.



Yasir Hussain

“Cyber Bullying is bad. Be it a man or a woman, be it Hania Aamir or Asim Azhar, people don’t even leave out anyone from Imran Khan to Mahira Khan. They will not learn, it is the celebs who have to get thicker skin. The industry shouldn’t divide into two groups due to some senseless comments from trolls,” he put on Instagram.