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Eid is a festive occasion to celebrate the end to a month-long of dawn to sunset fasting. It is also time to thank the Almighty for the provision of His eternal blessings, strength and endurance. Unfortunately, this year the world has endured a lot due to the Covid-19 global pandemic and Eid comes like a breath of fresh air in times of crisis and uncertainty. Pakistan’s pioneering ready-to-wear women’s clothing brand, Generation understands that hope and gratitude are the pillars of rebuilding our society so let’s turn over a new leaf in our lives this Eid ul Fitr.

Generation has launched Eid ul Fitr ‘20 range recently, amidst hopes and prayers for a better tomorrow, and gratefulness for the blessings we often take for granted. The brand aims to make people think about the little joys of life that they may have noticed in the last two months of lockdown. If anything the worldwide crisis has taught us to be kinder, gentler, more responsible and thank every big and small thing that contributes in making our lives blissful. We have so much to be thankful for starting from the roof on our heads, the fragrance of flowers, sunny afternoons to flavorful meals, carefree life and what not.




Generation wants us to remember how we need to appreciate life and its very many challenges with its campaign Shukar, which captures the spirit of an Eid spent in solace, and if you’re lucky then, with your loved ones. Taking a hint from the brand’s noble campaign to reflect, recognize and appreciate, we thought why not make the most of this beautiful occasion and share with you ways to express love with colorful accessories, timeless classics and customized greetings. Here is a rundown of 4 different ways through which you can use them:


1. Dress to inspire

A little hope goes a long way and that is what Generation wants you to do; evoke a spirit of optimism and promise in your family by dressing nicely this Eid. This is also a great time to celebrate each other’s company and help each other look beautiful. Generation has introduced a wide range of Eid styles which are available online. These are specially designed to never lose relevance as we are looking less for trends and more for timeless pieces such as anarkalis, kurtas and A-lines with shararas, shalwars and dupattas.




There are 5 new collections — Mughal Minima, Bagh, Kochi, Aftab and Chameli — and all have versatile color palettes. Ranging from dreamy pastels of the Mughal Minima collection, to neutral monochromes of the Bagh collection and the bright undeterred hues of the Kochi collection amongst many others, Generation offers something for everyone’s sartorial needs.




The styles maintain the meticulous level of detailing and intricacy that Generation is known for, with hand-worked detailing, thread embroideries, jacquard and woven fabric, finished and ornamented to the very last detail. Choose from heavily accentuated ones or light floral designs from a range of 2 and 3 piece ensembles.




2. Wish them creatively

Who doesn’t love hand-written notes and greeting cards? Revive a touch of old and fancy and buy the amazing Eid cards by Generation. You can pour your heart out on these cards or send Eidi to little ones in them. They are available in four beautiful designs and cost PKR 250 each. The brand will be launching a capsule collection of parandas next week.




3. Buy them a mask

As the saying will go in the next millennia: if you love someone, buy them a mask!

Wearing mask has become a part and parcel of our necessary commute now and it won’t end anytime soon. Generation encourages you to buy your sisters, friends and significant other a mask this Eid.


4. Do they know 100 ways to use a dupatta?

Generation launched an interesting concept book100 Ways of Using a Dupatta –  to revive the much-loved tradition of wearing a dupatta. Celebrating the essence of femininity and modesty, the book listed 100 ways in which these few meters of fabric can be used in several ways: it can be worn over the head, used as a hijab, braided elegantly in hair or simply carried over one shoulder. Creative Head of Generation, Khadija Rehman compiled this list with her grandmother over a decade ago and the brand has used all the styles to promote dupattas and make them a fashion statement. Gift this book to your mom or your best friend as a token of your love!




These and more styles ranging from PKR 5,000 to 14,000 are available online on Generation’s website now. They are also available in selected stores nationwide in restricted days and timings.

Note: Generation’s campaigns were shot while maintaining social distancing in two sets, in Lahore and Peshawar. The models did their own hair and makeup and no physical contact was made amongst any of the participants.