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As Eid approaches, audiences are gearing up for three film releases, an unprecedented situation that really highlights the growth of our film industry. One of the films being released this Eid is Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai, directed by Anjum Shahzad. It is rumoured that the film is based on Anjum’s personal life (a rumour which he has denied) but it’s still interesting that his film will be competing with his ex wife, Fizza Meerza’s upcoming movie, Actor-in-Law, which is also scheduled for an Eid release. But that was just a nugget of gossip.

Here’s what we think about the film, drawing thoughts from the trailer and teasers…


Both Sajal and Feroze have prior acting experience and that really shows. Unlike other young talent nowadays that is learning acting as they go along, Sajal and Feroze both look like they are ready for their big screen debut. Sajal can definitely hold her expressions and seems extremely convincing. Feroze on the other hand isn’t quite at par with Sajal, which makes sense because Sajal does have more experience than him. She’s even filmed her Bollywood debut with Sridevi. Regardless, they are both doing justice to the dramatics of the film.


Perhaps the best thing about ZKHH is the sizzling chemistry between Sajal and Feroze. They look so good together that we are looking forward to the film because of them.


Unfortunately, this is where the film falls short.  While it isn’t entirely clear what the conflict of the plot it, there are scenes and moments in the film that seem extremely predictable. For instance, there is a scene where Feroze is being dragged by the police outside a courtroom and Feroze attacks the media and cameramen that are following him. We are quite certain that we have seen this exact scene in Rockstar, the Ranbir Kapoor and Narghis Fakhri starrer. What’s worse is that Feroze is even looking a lot like Ranbir with the same long hair, unshaven beard, donning a black leather jacket. Come on guys, a little originality would have gone a long way…

Production Quality

We are not expecting Hollywood level material but it is time to step the production up, specially when you’re competing with two other films that look brighter and fresher. The editing could be a little sharper and there are too many slow motion sequences for us to bear. Hopefully it’s just in the trailer but then the trailer could have been made a little better.

Overall verdict: We are expecting a dark brooding romance film that may live up to its hype if the storytelling is done right. It doesn’t seem like a typical love story so our expectations are quite high!