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Real life couple Syra and Shahroz Sabzwari announced their first-ever silver screen project together last year and then went all secretive about it. We recently caught up with the two, who were shooting for the film in Bahrain and were now in a better position to talk about it. The upcoming film, which has recently gone on floors, looks like a romance with a twist.

Here’s what they had to say about it…


What is most interesting about the characters you play?


Shahroz Sabzwari: He is too romantic about this girl. I know, it’s corny. Syra and I were high school sweethearts. There was a phase when we weren’t together. When I read the first draft, I knew it was me. The dialogues were me. There is a line in the script: when someone truly madly loves you it makes you feel like the Hulk on the inside. Anyone who knows me knows I would be sold on that line. This character has somehow miraculously captured that phase in our lives when we are losing out on love. I mean this picture is going to be our ‘rebel without a cause’, our Dil Chahta Hai. I am so excited that we will be putting out there the new youth, the new cool.

Syra Shahroz: Nothing. I am just doing it for my husband. I get a song out of it. It’s a great song. Nobody is doing that song but me.


Syra Shahroz

The film also stars international dancer, Ankur Rathee. Photo courtesy: Bluesteel Films


Why did you feel this is the right project for you?


Shahroz: Look, a script comes to me and I take it as a blessing from the Almighty. Not many get to be a film hero. God has been kind and made me right for this project.

Syra: There is no right or wrong project. There is work and then there is good work. This is another one of my projects that I am really excited about. And I believe in everything that I select for myself.


Who throws the most tantrums on set and how do you deal with the situation when your partner is losing their cool?


Shahroz: Our AD. We try to hide the megaphone from her. How do I deal with Syra losing her cool? I deal with it with cool. I add the extra cool to compensate for her losing cool.

Syra: “WHY ISN’T HER MAKE-UP DONE YET? WHY ISN’T HER COFFEE READY YET? WHY ISN’T THE CAMERA ROLLING YET?” We learn to live through it. And, Shahroz is a very cool co-star. I love it.


Syra Shahroz

The film marks their first silver screen project together.


What places are you most looking forward to visiting in Bahrain?


Shahroz: Essa tells me about Lanterns. You might find me partying there on my off days.

Syra: I am a foodie. The first place I google for is restaurants. Bushido came up and wow to the ambiance. I can’t wait to go there.


An interesting event that occurred during shooting that was unforgettable?


Shahroz: Okay so this one time our AD forgot to give us the call time for the next morning. I am up at 5 am and still no word. I try to wake Syra up without starting WW3. I adjust the temperature on the AC, play a little music, I do all the tricks. And she is still, ‘no it’s their fault, they are so unprofessional, I am not waking up.’ Finally, I carried her to the car. I saved the day. That’s what you call a film hero.

Syra: We shot quite a bit in the mustard fields of Nawabshah. It was a 6-hour drive there and back. And we did that twice. It was a very happy time there.


Syra Shahroz

The film’s first spell started in Nawabshah last year.


Are you familiar with any Bahraini artists?


Shahroz: I have googled Ahmed Sharif and Reem Erhama. Ahmed seems quite cool.

Syra: Unfortunately, no. But I would love to meet them.


Close sources from the film set also revealed that half of the team and film crew flew in from India, whereas the choreographer has worked with Sanjay Leela Bhansali on Padmaavat – hence the dance numbers are surely going to be something to look out for!