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Sara Ali Khan is different from the word go. Speaking to her, one feels that her character in Kedarnath pretty much mirrors her own persona. She comes across as high spirited; and is certainly not afraid of getting what her heart desires; which is why, all the critics have unanimously given her a thumbs up.

In an exclusive conversation with Something Haute, Sara talked about her films, Pakistan and her co-star Ranveer Singh’s fashion sense. It’s pertinent to mention here that her command on Urdu is impressive. In the ten minutes we spoke, she used various Urdu words including talaffuz, tehzeeb, zaiqa, adaab, parwarish and so on with perfect diction; something that you don’t expect from an Indian star who is a millennial and an Ivy League Graduate.


Do you have any memory from the sets when your mom and dad were working extensively?

I have been to the sets, but only to play with mom’s makeup and my dad’s co-actor’s makeup. I used to be enamoured with that. The first set I ever visited was of Kedarnath and then I realized how different it is from what you eventually see in the cinemas.


Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan with her father Saif Ali Khan


How do you react when people tag you as just another star kid with privileges?

My upbringing has been altogether very different. My parents, as you know, don’t live together and I have mostly lived with my mother. And she, after my birth, has not been doing many mainstream films. My father on the other hand is a stickler for politics, reading, history and arts. His interests are inclined towards different things. So, I never deny that I come from a film family but I will object if one says that meri parwarish waisay hui hai [I was bought up like a star kid].


What do you think of Ranveer as a co-star and what is your take on his fashion choices? Can you ever be as brave as him?

What I absolutely love about Ranveer is that wo apni karta hai and he does it with complete honesty and conviction. And from work point of view, I think he is the most talented person I have ever met. His energy on the sets is so contagious that you cannot afford to not give your fullest. That’s the only option he gives you as a co-star. Also, he is so humble and honest as a human being; you can learn from him a lot. And as far as his fashion sense is concerned, I don’t think anyone can pull it off the way he does.


Sara Ali Khan

The Simmba jori


Those who say that Simbaa is like Dabangg – what would you like to say to them?

I would say please come and watch it for yourself. There are no similarities and if you find any then go and watch again, you probably haven’t watched it with full attention.


Knowing about films and actually shooting on the sets are very different things. What’s one thing that caught you by surprise or may be it was different from your expectations?

It was full of surprises. On the sets of Kedarnath, the first thing I remember was talking to Sushant and asking ‘why are we recording the same scene again and again.’ And he told me that this is how a scene gets shot that you have to shoot it from different angles and that is how the whole film gets made. Imagine, I did not know those basics as well.


Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan on sets of Kedarnath


You have a huge fan following in Pakistani audience. Are you following Pakistani cinema or fashion?

I don’t know much about the country itself but a lot of my family members live in Pakistan. Their culture, their fashion, their talaffuz, their khanay ka zaiqa and the way they conduct themselves is identical with ours. Our tehzeeb is the same so I don’t find it any different than the way we conduct ourselves.


Which of your parents movies have you watched the most?

My father’s Hum Tum and mom’s Chameli Ki Shaadi is what I have watched very often.


3 things you never leave your house without?

I am quite crazy that way; I can leave everything and walk out. I am not dependent on things that much.


Your cheat meals include:

Waffles and Pancakes


Amrita Singh in Aaina or in Chameli Ki Shaadi?

Tough one! As a film I prefer Chameli Ki Shaadi, but I think her performance in Aaina was superlative.