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Despite being in the entertainment industry for quite some time, Fahad Sheikh gave his first breakthrough performance in the blockbuster and much controversial drama, Jalan. Since then, he has successfully managed to stay in the spotlight. Be it his currently airing dramas or his upcoming digital film, fans eagerly wait to see him on screen.

Apart from playing a significant role in Dunk these days, he is all set to star in upcoming drama — Azmaish — along with Yashma Gill and Kinza Hashmi.

“The story is different from typical love triangles,” said Fahad about Azmaish in an exclusive chat with Something Haute. “The reason for choosing to play the male lead of Azmaish is the interesting graph that Basit has.”


Fahad Sheikh


From being an innocent happy-go-lucky guy to a guy who controls everything, his character gives a liberty to perform and showcase his acting potential. “I kind of love playing multiple transitions of the same character,” he shared.

“Basit happens to be a decent, innocent and average-looking guy who is stuck in a love triangle between two stepsisters,” said Fahad speaking about the character he plays.

The actor shared that looking average was his biggest challenge while playing Basit’s character.

“I’ve played numerous roles in my previous drama serials. Arman Abid Ali in Badbakht who happened to be a spoiled rich brat, Jalan where Ahmer is all rich in the end and turns the tables with his success, Safeer in Dunk who is again a settled guy, all of these characters had money and required to dress well. But in Azmaish, Basit is not so good looking.”

As for Basit, Fahad revealed that he rides a motorbike and has a 9 to 5 job.

“To fully live the character I had to look poor; never thought it would be a challenge not to look good! But when it’s against your body language and style statements, it can become an interesting challenge. To be honest, I enjoyed exploring this side of Fahad Sheikh. Let’s see how the audience likes it.”



Overall Fahad shared that Azmaish was a great experience.

“Brilliant cast! I loved working with Kinza and Yashma. Both of them are very good and professional actresses. We had so much fun on the sets. Big thumbs up to Fajr Raza for his brilliant direction. Such a good experience working with them all.”

While Dunk and Ghamandi are still on air, there’s a lot coming up including Azmaish, his digital film YOU..ME..US and more.

Speaking of the criticism Dunk has been receiving, Fahad shared that there’s a lot coming up.

“Dunk has received a lot of criticism and praise at the same time. The audience is more connected as the characters unfold. There’s a lot to come, lots of twists and surprises. I’m hoping that our viewers will enjoy it.”

Azmaish is Fajr Mirza’s directorial debut and the teasers look interesting. The drama will air on ARY Digital soon.