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Despite being fairly new in the industry, Amar Khan’s body of work displays that she is an actor worth the applaud. So far she’s given some outstanding performances, in fact, the teasers of her upcoming drama Qayamat show her prowess. Her dialogue delivery and expressions are so well executed that one cannot wait to watch the play.

“Personally, it is one of the most challenging characters I’ve attempted as an actor. ‘Samra’ will connect to every household, every woman at greater lengths,” Amar wrote on Instagram sharing her sentiments about her upcoming collaboration with Ahsan Khan and Neelam Muneer.

Intrigued to find out more about Qayamat, her role, and her thoughts on the content being produced, we got in touch with the actor, who also happens to be the scriptwriter for her debut film, Dum Mastam.

“After finishing my first feature film with Imran Ashraf, I had to do a project for TV,” she told in an exclusive chat with Something Haute. Despite being offered a number of projects, she chose Qayamat as the story excited her the most.



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“I’ve been known to play unconventional and challenging roles; be it Belapur Ki Dayan which was probably the first of its kind, or Ghughi which was a period play. My drama, Dil-e-Gumshuda became a commercial success where I played the antagonist. So, now I wanted to do something different from the three roles I had played before,” she explained adding that she’s a tortoise when it comes to selecting projects. “Until and unless I don’t go through the full bounded script, I do not give a nod to any project.”

Qayamat is written by Sarwat Nazeer, a name who is behind some of the most well-scripted dramas such as Main Abdul Qadir hoon and Do Bol. So when I read the script, I thought it’s a mainstream story that is very relatable for a huge chunk of the audience,” she revealed.

Speaking about her character, she said Samra is a very contrasting character from her real-life personality which is very independent and self-made. “I’d like to see myself as a progressive woman so this character was a challenge in itself.”

“My character goes through domestic violence and abuse by her partner (played by Ahsan Khan). As soon as I read of the first slap coming on my face in the script, I could feel the pain that most women in these situations endure,” she further said clarifying that sometimes taking a slap is the demand of the plot. “The drama deals with a social issue that is domestic violence. I also did my research.”



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Amar also stated that Samra is an educated character with old-school principles. “She’s selfless and sacrificing like most women are taught to be when it comes to relationships. In totality, it is an interesting story of relationships.”

“The director, Ali Faizan is a brilliant storyteller,” Amar said adding that he knows his craft and that made the final product look the way it does. She also shared that the cast was great to work with. “This has to be Ahsan Khan’s best work after Udaari, I believe. He is a gifted actor and the fire and the equation that you see in our characters make it more interesting. Neelam Muneer is also very beautiful and equally talented. Other than them, there is Haroon Shahid and industry veterans like Saba Faisal and Shabbir Jan who were a treat to work with.”

We also asked Amar about her thoughts on conventional saas-bahu and domestic abuse plots being shown on TV.

“I believe in fearless and honest storytelling. In my opinion in every household, there is a saas-bahu story. There isn’t a rapist in every house. There isn’t a harasser in every house, but there are abusive husbands in many, which means that these kinds of stories are connecting and relatable for a larger chunk of the audience, making them such hits each time,” Amar explained her point of view regarding repetitive plots.

“They are formula stories, however, sometimes the storytelling style might be boring. If the storytelling style is new and convincing then why not?” she asked rhetorically. As far as educating the audience is concerned, Amar feels that artists should find a balance between educating and entertaining.

“When it comes to educating, let’s just not blame the media entirely. Your upbringing and educational/professional background also have a huge part to play in that regard,” she said. “However, if an actor can incorporate social responsibility in his/her craft then it’s definitely a bonus.”

Produced by Asad Qureshi and Abdullah Kadwani, Qayamat is expected to go on air in January 2021. Other than this upcoming drama, Amar Khan’s debut film Dum Mastam is also slated for a 2021 release.