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Lovers of the Pakistani animated film Allahyar and the legend of Markhor are in for a surprise as many people don’t know that a second edition is in the making. The animation studio behind the project – 3D World Studios — released a teaser of the new part titled Allahyar and the 100 Flowers of God in March.

The teaser shows a new and revamped Allahyar in a superhero suit which has the emblem of crescent and star on its belt buckle. The new look of Allahyar left viewers intrigued as to what is in store this time. Something Haute got in touch with writer and director Uzair Zaheer Khan to find out what Allahyar is up to in the second part.

What is the theme of the story?

“As you can tell from the teaser, the genre has been switched up to action-adventure-science-fiction. The main theme of the story is to do with deforestation and climate change,” he expressed.

Who will be making a comeback in the second edition?

“Allahyar (Anum Zaidi) and Hero (Azfar Jafri) will be part of the sequel along with some new exciting cast members that we can’t reveal at this stage,” he added.

The first teaser introduced us only to the new Allahyar. Are you planning to release trailer anytime soon?

“Unfortunately, we cannot confirm the release date of the film or trailer as it is dependent on when we’ll recover from the pandemic and achieve normalization,” he said.



A shot of Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor


Will there be a market for an animated films after such a long hiatus if cinemas will open?

“Allahyar and the 100 Flowers of God is a major upgrade from the last film, in terms of storytelling, production quality and entertainment and therefore should be a treat for theater audiences, especially after almost two years of, off and on, lockdowns and social distancing,” he concluded with a promise.

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The first animation Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor was based in the lush green valleys of Northern Pakistan and follows the story of Allahyar, a mischievous boy who ends up dealing with difficult circumstances when he accidentally meets Mehru (the markhor). The movie highlighted themes of preservation and respect for wildlife.

Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor won Best Feature Film at the South Asian International Film Festival and was the first Pakistani animated film to release on Netflix.

Take a look at the teaser here: