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With his upcoming web-series scheduled to be released later this week, filmmaker Wajahat Rauf and his team have now released the first music video from Enaaya titled ‘Zindagi.’

Featuring the lead couple – Mehwish Hayat and Azfar Rehman, the music video focuses on the former as she croons to the beat in front of a buzzing crowd. Mehwish is shown as a true-blue popstar Enaaya as she sings her heart out and gets the audiences roaring for her – potentially hinting at the type of character arc one will witness in the series. On the other hand, we also find Azfar Rehman performing alongside, who in the video seems to share an interesting chemistry with Mehwish.

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However, apart from the couple’s chemistry in the video, one wishes it had more to offer than what it does. Once again, ‘Zindagi‘ screams the same signature style Wajahat Rauf brings to the table and has done in films like Lahore Se Aagey. Having said that, the narrative revolving around the university music band is still something fresh and veers the story away from being mundane.

Check out the music video here and tell us what you think: