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The pandemic made the world realise the value of human contact and the lockdown has made us realise the importance of actually appreciating the things and people that we take for granted. During this time, we instinctively desired to be close to our family and friends the most.

After a long and tough year, the holy month of Ramazan has brought families and loved ones close to each other making them actually appreciate the blessing of being around your near and dear ones. Tapping onto that newfound sentiment, Surf Excel Pakistan addressed a very important issue with their latest Ramazan ad that explores the lives of the elderly and the orphaned who continuously live the pain we couldn’t handle.



This year’s ad focuses on a complete world and instantly won hearts. Ek Mukammal Jahan addressed the importance of filling joy in other peoples life and looking after one another. Promoting the idea of a ‘home for all’, Surf Excel encourages its viewers to guarantee that everyone feels like they have a family to love this Ramazan.

The initiative got massive attention from everyone including several influencers, journalists, bloggers, and media personalities who came together over a Zoom call to discuss the importance of such emotionally charged and socially responsible initiatives and ads by Surf Excel.

The big names in the Zoom session included Aamna Isani, Maliha Rehman, Amna Niazi, Momin Ali Munshi, Hunaina Rasool, Faiza Saleem, Daniyal Sheikh, Hassan Choudary, Manahyl Shafiq, and Humna Raza.



Through the Zoom session, the ad was dissected and commended for hitting right in the feels. The conference also drew parallels with the feeling many felt during the pandemic of being stuck at home and isolated, either due to contracting COVID-19 or the lockdown.

The impactful lyrics and the heartwarming music was also appreciated.



Each year, the brand effectively emphasizes on the idea of neki (good deeds) as an important form of ibadat (prayer). This year Surf made the viewers realise that the best gift to give is of company and kindness. No one should be alone and this is a great message that’s been put out effectively in the Surf Excel Ramazan campaign for 2021.

“Pakistan is home to over 5 million orphans and adults in old age homes,” stated the campaign. Ek Mukammal Jahan is an initiative to help them experience the joy of a family.