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Collection after collection, edenrobe Woman has managed to pique our interests with their keen eye for intricate designs and even better choice of colour palette. This time, they’ve elevated it even further by introducing their whopping 83 new designs!

You heard it right! This time around, the brand is not only bringing in 83 new designs for women, but it has gone an extra mile and covered each age bracket one can think of! Whether you’re 18 or 45, the vast collection promises something for anyone looking for a great choice of clothing. That’s not all, with their special focus on bringing something for everyone, they’ve even covered those who love it embroidered or like it printed with their large range.

Apart from the range, the brand has also released a well-thought-out video and photo shoot complementing the collection. In the video, the message is simple; be a woman of substance. Don’t let the things around you hold you down. Don’t let others tell you what you should be doing. Do things that make you happy! Choose yourself first.


This, truly speaks to the woman of today, and perhaps, is one reason why edenrobe has managed to keep itself at the forefront of design as well as CSR.

When it comes to the collection photo shoot, it’s shot in picturesque Thailand. edenrobe Woman’s latest collection may already have won hearts because of its wide choice, but the fact that it covers Pakistani unstitched and prêt like no other – as they go about in various cities of the Thai kingdom – also showcases how the brand loves to showcase the versatility of Pakistani clothing and designs.

So if you’re thinking of a certain colour that you need or if you need one in every colour tone, edenrobe Woman has already thought about you. Promising a range of colours as big as the number of new designs it offers, this spring, look no further than edenrobe!

Check out the video here: