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Edenrobe’s latest couture collection draws inspiration from classic haute couture and high-street Parisian labels mixing it with selective Pakistani clothing, bringing you a unique spin on costumes and fashion history.

Their new ethnic range featured sharp cuts, class, and elegance that would appeal to each man who comes from today’s urban lifestyle. Deserts, gypsies, antique textiles and cultural traditions of the Royal Era were an inspiration for these smart suits and royal sherwanis. The collection focused on the essence of traditional roots, with classy embellished sherwani’s, formal kurtas, waistcoats and prince coats. Edenrobe has expertly made use of the rich and unique fabrication techniques that show the elegance and royalty of these customized garments.

Here is a look at some of our top picks from the runway collection, that would be perfect for the festive season.


Mehndi outfit




Mehndi outfits need a pop of colour to look festive and happening, you can’t just settle for a simple white shalwar kameez for your big night! Take inspiration from this fun orange number, paired with a smart matching waistcoat.


Sleek prince coat




If you’re looking to experiment instead of opting for a classic black suit, try this smart jacket for size! The blue accents add an interesting pop of colour, while the high collar and overlapping sides give it a unique touch.


Pop of plaid




This soft brown suit stands apart with the help of the blue plaid vest, showing you why it’s never a bad idea to step away from classic blacks and greys.


Classic evening suit




However, if you don’t want to step out of the comfort zone of a black suit, here’s how you can play around with it. The velvet finish is complemented by the sleek silver adornments, adding an oomph to the look.


Sherwani inspiration




You may not be Ahsan Khan, but don’t let that be a reason to stop you from adorning this unique combination of sunny gold and black!

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