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The world of fashion is often seen to be filled with extravagance, glitz and glam with little or no depth. However, in reality the pressures of vanity and competition can leave people seriously damaged. Clothing brand edenrobe has taken the plunge to address a serious mental health issue – depression – in their recent campaign ‘Knot the Blues’ which encourages women to speak up about their battle with the mental disorder.

The brand’s campaign features girls from all walks of life who have fought with the ailment and survived. All of them have shared their individual experiences and have stood in unison tying the knots of their dupatta as a sign of courage and resilience. These knots signify that women should tie up their worries and depressive thoughts and don’t let that sinking feeling haunt them. The movement is an attempt to persuade women to speak up as hiding depression only worsens the situation. It urges them to fight the battle and win it.




One of the depression survirors, Sara Bilgrami has shared her experience about how tough it was to heal something that is not a physical ailment. “Heartbreak is the perfect life which tumbles down. You have to be assertive for your happiness. You have to knot the blues and get ready to fight the illness,” she said.

We are all aware that with depression come sleepless nights and internal dissonance. The same thing happened with Fabeeha Lodhi and she felt she was stuck in a limbo. However, she overcame it and became a hero of her story. “It was sleepless, cloudy, mind and heart not in sync kind of affair and I hated it! I had to be my own hero and defy the odds of depression,” she commented.




Today’s fast paced and heavily scrutinized nature of life may be a contributing cause of the higher rate of mental health issues. The sudden deaths of designer Kate Spade and celebrated chef Anthony Bourdain have shaken up all of us as the two were often associated with positive messages. Such is the horrifying nature of this disease that a person appears to be normal, but it is a slow erosion of self. As Asma Nabeel put it, “It’s when tragedy strikes you realize nothing is in your control; everything comes to a screeching halt, but there is no time for being morbid, one must tread through the fire.”




According to these courageous women, the best ways to cope up with the horrors of depression are to be your own knight in shining armour, get comfortable in your skin and take control of your life. It’s never easy to swim against the current so seek help if need be but do not give in to the anxiety.

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