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Imagine this: you’re standing in the middle of an empty building with tall glass windows at mid-evening. The mild sunlight is entering straight into the building, filling up the whole space. You’re standing on a wooden floor, facing the glass windows as you close your eyes for a few seconds. And as you open them, the entire space is revamped.

There’s a soft sound in the background of people talking and a sweet aroma of coffee that is diffused throughout the big room.

As you enter, the ceiling is decorated with contemporary golden chandeliers, shaped as pyramids fitted with Edison bulbs. As you look at them, you immediately understand the aesthetic of the space.


Dolce Vita Home

Cote Roite Cafe inside DVH


While the entire floor is designed in subdued hues intentionally – so that your eyes are immediately on the prize i.e. the furniture and interior – a pathway of sorts is designed in black and white marbles. There’s a live Côte Rôtie café on the right and an opulent arrangement featuring high-end sofa sets and dining tables on the left.


Dolce Vita Home


Made from the world’s finest materials, this dining table exudes the luxurious vibe you may be longing to have in your house. In shades of grey and blue, this marble and wood combination along with the chic chandelier will create an aura unlike any other.


Dolce Vita Home


After a long day at work or doing chores around the house, your bedroom is your haven which should exude a vibe of comfort, luxury and calm and you’re in luck if you reside in the cosmopolitan city where DVH is catering to all this and more. Design your room with M&D recliners, sofas or an exquisite armchair to add oomph to your room.

As you walk in, your eyes are certainly going to catch the most extraordinary piece of the interior – a bar designed like an aircraft. The seats and the exterior though looks metallic, is made from marble. Adding this statement interior piece in your house will certainly revamp the space entirely.

Each piece in this space is noticeable, each item attention-grabbing. And that is the what makes Dolce Vita Home [DVH] a one of a kind store. While there are a handful of home stores where you can shop for home essentials, DVH is an experience that will stay with you as it caters to the interior, designing, architecture and more, providing you with the services you’ve been longing for.


Dolce Vita Home

Sleep Area at DVH


Whether you’ve been yearning to buy the perfect mattress to ensure a good night sleep or a technology friendly mattress that makes tasks easy, the Sleep Centre on the second floor is your true calling. From Bluetooth operated mattress that allows you to charge your phone and run mundane life tasks to a built-in massager, the high-quality bedding options designed for the consumers’ needs is an investment you will not regret making. Offering the first ever sleep test service in Pakistan, you can now pick what feels most comfortable in this fascinating space.

As we explored the store, we caught up with the Creative Director of Dolce Vita Home to understand what the idea behind this space is.

“We’ve launched it at a 15000 sq. ft. place. It’s not just a retail outlet, it’s a design house,” says Anam Mudasir. “We have our IDIQ [our interior design IQ department] and we have architects and interior designers on board. We are now doing whole houses, from soft to hard interiors. Not just placing products, but a turnkey solution to your house.”


Dolce Vita Home

This lounge setup exudes European vibes


This store – a one-stop solution – caters to the elite, which was up until now not addressed exclusively. The spaces are designed articulately, with attention to minute details which will provide you with inspiration on how you can design spaces around your home.

“There’s only design business; you go to a designer, you don’t have anything on display. You just tell the designer to do your room and you don’t know what they’re thinking, there’s no quality check so, there’s nothing like this [Dolce Vita Home] in Pakistan,” she added.


Dolce Vita Home

Creative Director Anam Mudasir, Architect Anwar Ali


To design such a contemporary and big space couldn’t possibly be an easy task. So, we spoke to the acclaimed Pakistani architect who is the brains behind this space to know what inspired him to create the place as we see it now.

“The place itself inspired me,” Anwar Ali said. “They showed me this space before selecting the place and asked what I thought of it? I fell in love with it. An architect wants high ceilings and ‘that look’ so the space itself helped me designs the area. The furniture in itself is so luxurious that we had to ensure that the ambience compliments it,” Anwar said.


Dolce Vita Home

From coffee tables, decoration pieces, soft lighting and luxurious sofas; DVH is the one stop solution to all home decor and design problems


He added that it took him no more than four months to conceptualize this luxurious space. “The challenge for designing interiors is that you cannot prolong it more than four months. That is what makes it so exciting, the pressure is always there.”

Dolce Vita Home is located at a prime location in Clifton (Com 3, at Bilawal Chowrangi) and is open for public. From contemporary lamps inspired by art movements like Art Nouveau to plush beddings, luxurious lounge furniture, chairs, sofas and luxurious interior and architecture options, when you’ll walk out of the store, you will remember all its offerings, which are quite unique and unforgettable.