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For those like us, who hate waiting a whole week for the next episode of an interesting show, A-Plus Entertainment treated their viewers by releasing two episodes of Dil Nawaz yesterday!

The first episode introduced us to the main characters and their background stories, as well as the spooky spirit, Dil Nawaz (Neelam Muneer), herself. The plot has now developed further, showing us the complications in the relationship between Fawad (Wahaj Ali) and Kiran (Minal Khan). However, Fawad’s mother is determined he marry his cousin and has taken up a vendetta against Kiran and her mother, constantly defaming them in the neighbourhood. This eventually leads to a falling out between the couple and Kiran decides to break all ties with him.

dll nawaz

Neelam Muneer plays the titular role of Dil Nawaz

The show also gives us little glimpses into Dil Nawaz’s life, who is a spirit haunting an old house. The rest of the two episodes focused on Fawad’s dilemma, which is also the crux of why he moves out of his family home and into the haunted house.

Heartbreak, hauntings and family dilemmas, this show seems to have a bit of everything. We can tell from the promos, that the next episode will show the young and emotional Fawad discovering Dil Nawaz’s presence in the house. What we are eager to see is when Dil Nawaz falls in love with Fawad, a concept that has been heard in horror stories and such, and will be interesting to see it come to life on the screen.

You can watch the double episode below:

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