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After Denmark announced the decision to ban the burqa and niqab in the country, Danish-Iranian fashion designer, Reza Etamadi took on a unique way to stand against the rule at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

According to Daily Mail, the designer managed to draw out some gasps when he launched his line MUF10 on Wednesday at the show, where his models walked the runway adorned in the banned outfits.

“I have a duty to support all women’s freedom of speech and thought,” Etamadi had stated.

The designer also mentioned that the ban works against the principles of choice and that the burqa and niqab too, are personal choices for some.

Reza Etamadi also created his installation at the fashion week, where women dressed in the full-body wraps stood alongside male models who acted as police officers while two masked men sat handcuffed on the ground amidst a batch of flowers.

The show had also re-enacted the real-life, viral shot of 37-year old protester named Ayah who received a warm embrace by an officer as she cried.

The law was imposed on August 1st, 2018 and since then has been the small European country’s bane.