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Going through a global pandemic has made us realise that life can change very quickly and very unpredictably. We are surrounded by uncertainty and fear, more than ever before. Taking that into account, King of Colour, ace fashion designer Nomi Ansari took to social media to share a rather unusual and emotional request.

“A humble request,” the designer posted.



“In case I don’t wake up tomorrow! When I die, I don’t need you to post my pictures nor give me a long speech since I won’t be able to read that,” he posted. However, his fans can pray for his forgiveness and protection in the grave, he added explaining that prayers are the only thing that matter to the dead.

Nomi went on to add a list of points that he wishes his fans would remember.

“Delete everything related to me,” he wrote mentioning photos in particular. He went on to request people to not share chats and conversations either. “Report my social IDs and block me,” read another pointer.

Nomi requested privacy and asked people to not take or share pictures of his dead body. He asked for forgiveness in case he has hurt anyone, intentionally or unintentionally. “Please give a small amount of sadqa (charity) in my name whenever I cross your mind.”

He went on to explain the reason behind the emotional post. “Please don’t take it otherwise. We can never predict our death,” he wrote adding that he wishes his social media followers would take care of his last wishes.

The designer concluded with a prayer for everyone. “Stay blessed, be happy and safe.”