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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s wedding is perhaps amongst the most speculated events of this year. While there have been several media reports that the two Bollywood stars will be tying the knot in November, there has been no confirmation from the couple. In fact, the two have not even publicly acknowledged they are in a relationship, in any of their interviews.

With so much buzz surrounding their impending wedding, Deepika was recently asked by Indian publication The New Indian Experss if there’s any truth to the rumours. “You’ll know soon,” she responded.

Well, that’s still more than she or Ranveer have previously said about their relationship. Also, we will take that as a ‘yes’, after all what else could we possibly know soon!


Any way, there’s lots more she spoke about in this interview. Talking about representing India internationally and whether she feels pressured doing that, Deepika said, ” I don’t think there is anything to be conscious about. Wherever you go, the person you inherently are will come through anyway.  For me, my roots are very, very strong. It’s very Indian. Even if I try to get rid of it, I don’t think I will be able to do it. So my identity is not something that I have to consciously carry with me on an international platform.”


She also discussed how she had trouble understanding people when she first went abroad and how it’s sometime difficult to communicate when one has an Indian accent. “When I first went overseas, people found it difficult to understand what I was saying. And, I would try and speak in a way to make it easier for them. Later, I realised, people there are not speaking differently to me. Half the time, I can’t make out what they are saying, but I take the effort to understand it. So if they want to, they can also take some effort and try to know me, my accent, or the part of the world I come from.”

Speaking about her film with Irrfan Khan which had to be postponed due to Irrfan’s illness, Deepika said, “Forget the actor part, for me, Irrfan is someone I’m extremely fond of as a person. I can’t say it was expected, but neither was it a shock. I myself have been through certain experiences in the past, and it has taught me that life is fragile. Anything can happen to anyone. Nothing shocks or alarms me anymore, but I do wish him good health and a speedy recovery.”