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Wardrobe and styling play a large part in the logistics of a film, yet they are not always given the attention required. From Ayesha Omar’s transformation in Karachi Se Lahore, where she randomly changed her sober getup and opted for a tank top and fitted jeans for a road trip through interior Pakistan, to the beautiful Sania Maskatiya formal Mahira Khan adorned in Ho Mann Jahan; wardrobe is a key element. Which is why we were excited to hear Deepak Perwani has styled the much awaited Punjab Nahi Jaungi and from what we saw in the trailer it looked spectacular.

We spoke to Deepak, who has always been a big part of the film and TV industry. “From the main characters to the chowkidaar, we have designed the wardrobe for everyone,” he told us.

Deepak has previously styled various large scale projects, such as the lovely mehndi sequence in Dobara Phir Se, as well as music videos for Hadiqa Kiani, Junoon, Vital Signs and more. “How big the star is doesn’t matter; Asad ul Haq and Mehreen Jabbar’s films had the biggest stars, it’s all about marketing,” Deepak replied, when we asked him if a star cast is essential for a successful project when it comes to styling. “Our film industry is quite different, we have stars from the small screen who then become big screen stars. Our film industry creates new stars, so the cast doesn’t matter.”

“Punjab Nahi Jaungi is a massive film, we are the creative stylists for a variety of characters and it has been a really exciting project, however music videos are the best to style,” Deepak added, speaking of the impact of a music video and how important the look of a musician is.

When speaking about the importance of fashion in a film, the acclaimed designer gave an example of the renowned Manish Malhotra, whose elaborate wardrobe pieces for films are his claim to fame. “Fashion is the backbone of everything, even when you go to an award show it’s about who is wearing what.”