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While the world of fashion usually tries to stay within its own constructed couture bubble, there are a few who venture out of it. One such example is designer Deepak Perwani, who didn’t really go the usual ‘philanthropic way’ but rather down the political path.

According to the press conference held by the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) on Sunday, renowned fashion designer Deepak Perwani is one of the many new faces that have joined the party.

“These individuals have their own standing in the fields of fine arts, fashion, civil services,” the MQM-P leader Dr. Farooq Sattar was quoted as saying.

While the MQM-P leader gave the stage to the designer and others to speak about why they decided to join the party, Deepak was clear about his reasons.

“It’s easy to sit in your house or comment on social media through your computer, and not understand what is actually happening,” said the designer. “We all live in Karachi, we are all part of Karachi, and it’s important that we take responsibility for the city.”

Apart from Deepak, other new members include Javed Hanif, Khurram Rasool, Alamgir Feroz, Imtiaz M. Ali, Saman Laiq Abbasi, Taufeeq Kochin, and Nazia Ali.