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Danyal Zafar made his acting debut with Ramazan special drama Tanaa Banaa and is the latest addition to the TV industry. We’ve been following his music, and now he proves he’s an equally talented actor as well. The new player in the acting business is getting massive attention these days for his good looks, character, as well as his chemistry with co-star Alizeh Shah.

The drama is a romantic comedy that also portrays the complexities and trials that arise in relationships and families.



In a small Q&A session on Instagram, Danyal Zafar recently talked about his character in Tanaa Baana and his experience as an actor.

When asked if he can relate to Zain he said that it is him. “He’s a hopeless romantic, a dil phenk kinda guy and that’s deff me loll,” he said.

Danyal also said that he’ll try his best to appear in more TV shows for his fans.

He has successfully transitioned from singer to actor and fans wanted to know if it was difficult or not.

“So with music I could always see the end product when I’d be producing. I would know how the song would turn out at the end. And the process is also linear; when I record a song I record it from its start eventually to its end,” he said, explaining that it is not the same when you’re acting.

“With acting, it is not like that. I could never tell what it is gonna end up like.” Danyal also shared that he wouldn’t see his playbacks or the monitors to avoid getting conscious.




Tanaa Banaa is a Momina Duraid Productions, directed by Saife Hassan and written by Hassan Imam. The story revolves around two people who are poles apart, however, destiny brings them together.