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Remember the time when celebs actually frowned upon public spats? Well, that’s an era long gone as it’s all about name and shame these days. So, naturally, when another tiff flared up on social media between Mehreen Raheal and Sabeeka Imam, it was all about the blame game and we don’t know if one-half of it even makes any sense. What we do know is that it has put Mehreen Raheal on the map again. So mission accomplished, maybe?

It all started with Sabeeka’s latest Nurpur advertisement (which is impressive) where the model is showing off her sporty side; think Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ and Kangana Ranaut’s Reebok ad. The row grew over social media when Mehreen Raheal posted an image on her Instagram and declared that the campaign is a ‘copy-cat’ of the Mixed-Martial Arts (MMA) workout she does! Yes, you read it right. She actually thought the campaign was inspired by her. Yep. Her confidence is kind of sweet, we must say.


Sabeeka’s photo shoot for Nurpur.


If you think it all ended there, then clearly you’ve misjudged the pettiness that has shrouded the very-public mudslinging. Taking a jab back at Mehreen, Sabeeka posted a rant on Facebook, in which she meticulously points out all the facts regarding the whole fiasco; with the most interesting parts being Seemi Raheal’s involvement in the whole deal and the fact that Mehreen believes she’s a trailblazer.

Although we’re still questioning how Sabeeka’s campaign could be called an imitation when it probably has the least of likeness with Mehreen Raheal’s real-life gym training, we’ll leave you with the following post to judge the whole row for yourself.