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Pakistani fashion has a high demand internationally and it’s always a pleasure to see our designers showcasing their masterpieces around the world, that too with high acclaim. And in recent times, online shopping has become a great portal to make our traditional clothes accessible worldwide, along with spreading the reach of our very talented designers.

Having previously sponsored Sania Maskatiya and Faraz Manan, who Asad Malik, C.O.O of Cresset Technologies very aptly titled as “the best of Pakistan”, Cresset Tech arranged a grand fashion show in Beirut, which is the hub of the fashion scene in Lebanon. The show was set in accordance to the launch of the latest online portal, whose designer lineup includes many of our favourite designers including Deepak Perwani, Fahad Hussayn, Nida Azwer, Nomi Ansari and Tena Durrani.

Cresset Tech flew out these five designers to Beirut where they met with the Ambassador of Pakistan to Lebanon and his wife, as well as the former Lebanese president’s wife, Nayla Moawad, along with many other prominent figures from Lebanon society, fashion journalists and bloggers.

The fact that the designers chosen stand apart and have different aesthetics, like Nomi Ansari’s young and joyful vibe compared to Deepak Perwani’s more classic pieces, represents the range of our local couture perfectly. This gives the international audience and clients a taste of the wide horizon the Pakistani fashion industry is capable of.

We spoke to Tena Durrani about her experience and the event. “It was fantastically organized, the guest list was impressive and moreover the turnout was more than expected and they had to arrange extra seating,” she said.

tena durrani

This red ensemble by Tena Durrani, was also worn by Kareena Kapoor for the cover shoot of Asiana Magazine recently

We were told by the designers that the show was all smooth running, with rehearsals and necessary arrangements like fittings being done from a day before, and how the Cresset team provided a lot of hands-on help.

Speaking of the audience’s response in Beirut, designer Fahad Hussayn told us that they were very receptive and appreciative of what they saw. “They know glamour, they know embroidery and they loved our work. The feedback was great!”

We were also told of the designers’ long standing relationship with Cresset Technologies, and how they had no doubt about their new venture because of how proficient the company has been in handling online businesses for these fashion brands.

It’s good to see Pakistani fashion venture further into the e-commerce sector with such portals and opportunities, which we no doubtedly need more of!

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