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By now we’ve all heard about the upcoming Pakistani film titled Cake and starring Aamina Sheikh, Adnan Malik and Sanam Saeed but do we really know anything beyond the frosting? With only a hint that the film is like the ‘layers of cake,’ being something we were able to get from the cast, we have absolutely no idea what it actually is about and we feel neither does anyone else!

However, leave it to an interesting (read: creepy) giveaway and we feel the idea of thinking outside the box literally ­– or metaphorically - has given us a few hints.

Filled with red confetti, the giveaway box we were given at the press conference introducing the cast of Cake, included a key, thimbles, playing cards, a red-velvet cupcake, torn socks (yes, they were torn), red nail polish, and wait for it…a sinister Elsa doll head from Frozen. Yes, the box contents creeped us out but simultaneously had us intrigued. Is this going to be a thriller? Are we looking at a murder mystery? Or was this just a macabre way of looking at Valentine’s Day.

(This box, by the way, should also be sent out to our lawmakers who made such an effort in banning VD yesterday!)

The contents of the box were scary enough to hide away. But, what mystery does it hold?

By the looks of it, Cake is going to be full of surprises and isn’t going to be predictable, at least; from the looks of the giveaway it appears to be a film with an immensely dark ethos surrounding the colour red. That said, the cast did assure us that the film isn’t exactly a thriller, but about life. Maybe it’s red for romance? Whatever it may be, we’re sincerely hoping that the suspense it is creating turns out to be worth it.

One may not be sure what the Asim Abbasi directorial debut is about but we know for a fact that the film is currently in its second spell in Interior Sindh, after which a final spell will take place in London. For everything else, stay connected with Something Haute as we reveal the latest about the project!