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There is no denying the fact that good music transcends barriers of borders and languages, hence we see foreign artists appreciating our musicians and legendary artists all the time. In recent news, we have found out that the late Amjad Sabri has been featured in renowned British band Coldplay’s latest album, Everyday Life.

During a recent interview with Entercom, Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin spoke about what was his inspiration behind one of the tracks — Church — in which the band has incorporated samples from Sabri’s popular track Jaga Ji Laganay.

The singer introduced the qawwali legend in his interview and said, “There are two other cool singers on that one. There’s this guy who was a Pakistani singer called Amjad Sabri. He was sadly murdered by people who didn’t like what he stood for. Then there’s a friend of ours Norah, who is a girl from Jerusalem.”

Chris paid tribute to the artists by acknowledging their craftsmanship and sheer talent. “I’m the third-best singer on that track,” he added.

The band’s album has also landed at number 1 spot on this week’s Official Albums Chart. You can watch Chris Martin’s full interview here:



And here’s a lyrical video of the song: