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Since the recent development of Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi coming on board as Coke Studio producers, many are anticipating the next season of the show. Both musicians have worked for Coke Studio closely and are expected to bring a fresh new perspective to the show.

In conversation with Instep, Fahad Qadir, Director Public Affairs & Communications Coca-Cola Pakistan, spoke about what one can expect from the upcoming season.

“Rohail came to a point where he thought change was good, he thought he couldn’t do justice to Coke Studio anymore. Hats off to him; he brought Coke Studio where it is today,” Fahad opined regarding Zohaib’s departure and re-entry to the show. “Strings had a different sound and brought in a different bag of producers…I think music has its evolution and so does Coke Studio. These are the producers we feel have the right blend, the experience, the history with Coke Studio, the understanding of Coke Studio to take it to the next level.”



Zohaib Kazi and Ali Hamza will be co-producing Coke Studio 11


Speaking of the changes in the upcoming season of Coke Studio, Fahad hinted at a different set and style of music. “You’ll see and feel a lot of new things in the coming season. Not only because of the fact that there are new producers, but some things have been changed like the look and feel of the set, to the music, to the instruments.”

And the question everyone wants an answer to; what will the lineup be like?

“You’ll see some of the biggest names, new artists, unexpected faces, and individuals as well. The big names will be there. We feel there’s a value of people coming back and performing again. For example, Ali Sethi; people like him give so much variety. People love what he does, how he does it. From ‘Tinak Dhin’ to classical, people like him offer so much variety to Coke Studio. Our producers love it! They have to be on Coke Studio.” Fahad informed Instep.

Coke Studio remains one of Pakistan’s biggest musical platforms, and change is always good, right?