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Returning after a self-imposed hiatus due to Ashura, Coke Studio Season 11 returned on air with its sixth episode, titled Zamana. 

Featuring a mix of genres, the episode explores the myriad of musical nuances in the country. From pop to soulful mysticism, the episode tried its hand at experimenting in the old-school CS way. However, did it succeed?

Here’s our take…


‘Illallah’ – Sounds of Kolachi


Featuring the orchestral band, Sounds of Kolachi, ‘Illallah‘ looks at a journey of self-exploration and is surely one of the strongest soulful songs presented this season by Coke Studio. Fusing Eastern raag and Western instruments, it’s a splendid mix of culture that makes the track one for the books.


Hawa Hawa’ – Hassan Jahangir & Gul Panrra


It’s often a mistake to recreate old classics, but in this case, Coke Studio does a brilliant job and runs with it. Featuring the power-packed vocals of Hassan Jahangir with the mellifluous voice of Gul Panrra, the song does wonders and stays true to the original song. Plus, the Baloch Lewa in the middle just adds to the great aesthetics of it all.


‘Tere Liye’ – Ali Azmat, Riaz Qadri & Ghulam Ali Qadri


After getting praise for fusing their vocals with Krewella in the second episode, Riaz and Ghulam Ali Qadri have collaborated with Ali Azmat for ‘Tere Liye.‘ However, while the former has managed to win over critics, the latter is more confusing than soulful. After all, how many times can one see the former Junoon vocalist mixing his vocals with Sufi aesthetics? If anything, the blues-y song needs more clarity than fusion.