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Coke Studio 10’s fifth installment began with a wonderful tribute to the legendary poet, Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Sung melodiously by Shafqat Amanat Ali and directed masterfully by Shani Arshad, ‘Bol‘ is a beautiful and necessary message for today’s trying times. At a time where so much intolerance and injustice exists all around us, it is important to remember to speak up. Also, it’s important to introduce Faiz sahab to our younger generation who may not know that Faiz Ahmed Faiz was one of the most celebrated writers of the Urdu language. He often addressed the tyranny of military dictatorships and oppressions.


Coke Studio 10

Shafqat Amanat Ali


The second song, ‘‘Ujaalon Mein’, immediately changes the pace of the show and is an incredible flashblack for all Mizraab fans. Faiza Mujahid’s powerful vocals are paired with Faraz Anwar’s electrifying guitar to produce a wonderful cover of the original song, originally sung by Faraz himself. Jaffer Zaidi has been a strong force this entire season, producing one successful song after another.



For those trying to recall where they heard Faiza last, the singer-songwriter first rose to fame with the famous song ‘Bandeya Ho’ from Shoaib Mansoor’s film, Khuda Kay Liye.


Faiza Mahmud


Another treat to the ears came in the shape of a duet, performed by Attaullah Esakhelvi and his son, Sanwal Esakhelwi. ‘Sab Maya Hai’. After listening to a variety of different sounds this episode, listeners can also settle in for some much loved folk fusion music with this song. Directed by Shuja Haider, ‘Sab Maya Hai’ is the perfect amalgamation of Attaullah’s  folk sound with Sanwal’s young and contemporary vocals.


Attaullah Esa Khelvi


However, the strongest sound to come out this episode belongs to the one and only, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. ‘Rangrez’ is a modern interpretation of Sufism, directed by Sahir Ali Bagga, sung to perfection by Rahat. In quintessential Coke Studio style, the song brings in a variety of instruments, such as the tabla and the shehnai.

Speaking about his experience regarding Coke Studio 10, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan shared “Coke Studio has been very successful, and it’s all because of the music directors, music selection, the musicians and the overall talent in Pakistan. They have the credit of bringing the talent of the country to a global platform. The world now accepts and appreciates Pakistan’s musical talent. I think this is just the beginning, and Coke Studio has a long way to go.”



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