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Are they?

I personally hate comparing two artistes or even two on-screen couples but with Aangan teasers rolling out like monsoon clouds – rumbling and tumbling with lightning and thunder – it’s an inevitable comparison. I just watched the latest Aangan teaser and couldn’t help but wonder: are Ahad and Sajal the next Fawad and Mahira? They certainly are on fire and though they’re just Yaqeen Ka Safar old, Aangan is promising to be the knot that ties them together.

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Fawad and Mahira appeared in just one play together and yet Humsafar was a chemical reaction strong enough to bind them in a fan-fed relationship for the next seven years. They appeared together for a split second, in Asim Raza’s Ho Mann Jahan, but that was hardly enough to whet the fans’ appetite. A Lux ad steamed up the screen, albeit for little over a minute. Definitely not enough. So now, until we all wait for Fawad and Mahira to come together in Bilal Lashari’s Maula Jatt and rekindle the fire, we have Sajal and Ahad to obsess over.

And obsess we shall because there is so little to celebrate and savour in TV plays these days.

I just watched the latest Aangan teaser and while I feel Hum TV is treading on dangerous ground by raising expectations to unachievable heights, there’s no denying the fact that Sajal and Ahad are spinning magic. This is going to be fun, because Mawra Hocane – who also plays a main character, Aaliya – appears to be the third cog in this love triangle and if the novel is to be believed, then Jameel will pine after Aaliya, while Chimmi pines after Jameel. What fun!


Mahira and Ahad, our Eternal Sunshine


Back to the question, I for one, don’t think there can be another Fawad and Mahira just as yet, for so many reasons that begin with their personal charm and extend to their talent, skills and overall gorgeousness. Fawad and Mahira are both media darlings, who have the international exposure, the red carpet presence; they have learnt how to manage media expectations and give the people what they want in terms of love and affection. They are both inspirational. Ahad and Sajal are young; they are still media shy, which of course isn’t at all a bad thing. The advantage is that for the new generation – kids who haven’t watched Humsafar – Sajal and Ahad are it. Plus, there’s always room for more romance, more love and more chemistry. Let’s just hope Mahira and Fawad relight their fire in Maula Jatt and Ahad and Sajal keep the flame burning through Aangan.

So, are Ahad and Sajal the next Fawad and Mahira? I’d say not just yet, though they’re on the right path to getting there.

Check it out…