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Chapter 2 just turned a year old and in just one year the brand, that was created by Shamoon Sultan as his passion project, has extended from Karachi to flagship stores in Islamabad and Lahore. On a personal level I have to say that Chapter 2 has been a wardrobe changer for me. It is a pleasure to have access to a line of clothing that offers handspun organic fabric that is minimal and breathable and so unfussy and Zen.

Zen is actually what defines Chapter 2 to me. I love the fact that it is zero print and zero embroidery and the fact that it is also mostly loosely constructed style that are not transparent. Barring the few whites, which need a slip or a camisole (which in my opinion defies the purpose of an outfit that promises freedom of movement), Chapter 2 is unrestrictive in form and in purpose. It is, for the lack of a better word, very international. I absolutely love that it can be dressed down or dressed up and that it works either way.

The prices are great too.


Anoushay Ashraf in Chapter 2 at the opening of the flagship store in Karachi


The only problem I would have with Chapter 2 is a) some colours (especially the indigo and fuchsia) bleeds but then vegetable dyes do tend to bleed, and 2) the fact that the tubular styles are not well-suited to my generously pear shaped body type. I tend to buy everything in the shop that fits and so maybe it’s not such a bad thing that I don’t get all the styles in my size.

The basis of every great fashion brand is identity and Chapter 2 has managed to create that with a few dominant characteristics. It has a string signature style and you can identify a Chapter 2 outfit in a crowd, it’s accessible for women all across the world as it’s online, it’s affordable (the prices have been lowered in the past one year), it has distinct optics (the brand identity is very sharp) and last of all, it promotes sustainable development and employment amongst the dying breed of weavers.

So what has Chapter 2 done for fashion in a year? It’s taken it forward.


Note: This is not a sponsored story