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After making waves with their Coke Studio debut and their previous track ‘Nami Danam’, Sufi band Chand Tara Orchestra has now released their latest offering, ‘Rung De.’

Featuring an amalgamation of Sufi rhythm and the words of Amir Khusrau, the song weaves its upbeat tunes with the soulful words of the poet. However, what works even more than the beautiful nuptials of the lyrics and tunes is the overall feeling of the song that is complemented with the music video that does the trick. It’s minimal and yet so power – proving that truly, an extravagant studio set-up is what you don’t need.

Apart from that, CTO’s execution of the song and the concept of adding in instruments like the harmonica – which are often not seen in mainstream ‘alternative rock’ music of Pakistan – has truly elevated Rung De even further.

Chand Tara Orchestra comprises Shehryar Raza (Sherry) on vocals, Baber Sheikh on bass guitars and synths, Omran Shafique (Momo) on lead guitars, and Rizwanullah Khan on the harmonica and percussions.

Check out the song here: