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No matter it is rain or shine, normal or the “new normal”, on set or off set, everyone loves a good platter of food. Since the last year and half has been all about cooking new things or watching new TV shows and films, food has been a constant in our lives in pandemic. Many foodies amongst us must be wondering what some of the celebs munch on when they binge-watch or were isolated at home, so, we decided to ask them about their go-to places for ordering food.

Let’s discover the eateries, cafes, bakeries, and snacking options available all across major cities in Pakistan and abroad that our celebs love; here’s what we asked:

  1. 3 must-have snacks while weekend TV binging?
  2. Your top 3 takeout places in the past one year at home?


Naeema Butt




1. Hash browns, pop corns, nuts

2. Lahore Chilli restaurant NYC, Japenese Sushi place NYC, Joy Indian restaurant NYC


Anoushay Abbasi




1. Ice cream, pop corn and fruits

2. Easy, Xander’s and McDonald’s


Rabab Hashim




1. Flaming hot Cheetos, Snickers and crackers with cheese

2. Espresso for coffee, Evergreen for my healthy meals and Coco9 for my dessert cravings


Agha Mustafa Hassan



1. Cheetos, jellies and chocolates

2. Domino’s Pizza, Cafeela and Hot N Spicy


Aijaz Aslam




1. Nuts, dark chocolates and jamun

2. I preferred home food all this time and still I prefer the same.


Usman Mukhtar




1. Oh man! This I can answer; nachos for sure, a pizza and I think lots of donuts.

2. So, number one would be this place called Mamas Better; they have the best brownies in Islamabad, number two would be I think this place called Quattro Uno. They have very good pizzas and number three would be Hot Spot.


Sabeena Syed



1. Definitely nachos with a homemade cheese dip, some caramel popcorn and some homemade brownies, hands down the best.

2. Shazo’s Food Cart, Meet Me Outside and Pomo


Rabya Kulsoom



1. Peanuts, Ring chips and Kit Kat

2. Aussie Burgers, KFC, Green-O


Becks Khan



1. Doritos with dip, Takis or mixed nuts

2. Domino’s Pizza, McDonald’s and Rowtisserie


Faizan Sheikh



1. Wings, Doritos and coffee

2. Domino’s, Nando’s, Praha


Junaid Khan



1. Fruits, nuts and popcorn, of course!

2. Cafeela, Aunty Munawar’s and Ginsoy


Dur-e-Fishan Saleem




1. Any snack

2. Okra for breakfast, Siam Express for best Thai food and Praha for meethas


Ahmed Majeed Agloria


Ahmed Majeed Agloria


1. Popcorn for sure, Red Bull and/or a cup of tea and any kind of spicy chips.

2. Funky Monk, No Lies Fries and Hot N Spicy


Danial Afzal Khan



1. Walnuts and roasted peanuts

2. Bao Bae, Coffee Wagera and Khausa joint