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The selling power of celebrity in the world of fashion is undeniable. Brands pay top dollar to stars for a mere endorsement on Instagram, and why shouldn’t they? This shift in influencer landscape is perfect for high street brands like H&M and Topshop, and even brands on the higher end of style, like Manolo Blahnik and Giuseppe Zinotti have dipped a toe in the starry pond of fashion collaboration, with Rihanna and JLo, respectively.

Zayn Malik’s collaboration with Versace made some serious ripples last week; it received mixed reviews but sold out despite them.

With Pakistan’s flourishing fashion topography, we predict celebrity and fashion collaboration to be the next big #hashtag on social media, finally eclipsing the lawn epidemic  – of which we’ve frankly had enough.

As we keep our fingers crossed, let’s play a quick game of fashion make-belief, and come up with collaborations we would really like to see, like, yesterday.

Meesha Shafi for Generation

meesha shafi

Meesha Shafi is known for her experimental and often edgy style, which is always a hit in our books. She has slowly, but steadily brought quirky into the mainstream and is one diva who practically fires up the red carpet. GENERATION is a brand with a very strong personality, and this collaboration could prove to be a clash of the titans that we definitely want to buy tickets to see. Who’s with us?


Mahira Khan for Khaadi Khaas

Khaadi always delivers on its classic eastern ethos, and we always envision Mahira Khan in their gorgeous designs. A top shelf brand, Khaadi Khaas deserves a top shelf celebrity for this fantastic fashion cocktail. Maybe Shahrukh will make a cameo too?


Mawra Hocane for SAPPHIRE

Sapphire has literally changed the retail prêt scene by almost completely taking over our wardrobes with its fresh, young aesthetic and who better to collaborate on a capsule or two with Sapphire than fresh-out-of-the-oven superstar Mawra Hocane? Mawra will not only bring her star power to this fashion giant, but also definitely bring her own quirky signature to the table.


Feroze Khan for SAPPHIRE MAN

feroze khan

Adnan Malik’s campaigns for SAPPHIRE MAN were great, but a fresh, gorgeous face will certainly not hurt our eyes. Feroze Khan’s style has kept us intrigued throughout his career, not to mention the man has abs for days. So while we gush over our new boy crush, you can prepare to give us our new SAPPHIRE MAN.


Fawad Khan for BAREEZE MAN

What is more classic than a BAREEZE MAN, with clean silhouettes and finesse in the details? Only the ruling king of every Pakistani screen can wear the crown of BAREEZE MAN – perhaps they could collab on a Maula Jutt series?


Fahad Mustafa for Amir Adnan

fahad mustafa

Fahad Mustafa is definitely the box office king, and  now the heir apparent for the game show host throne. Amir Adnan is the go-to for anybody looking for classic eastern menswear, and from what we’ve seen Fahad wear, he likes his eastern, and wears it well. We say a royal collaboration is in order?