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We live in a fast paced world that is always two steps ahead of where we are. There is a constant demand to keep up with the spin cycle everyone’s living in and for that we all need bolts of energy to survive. But if some of our fittest celebrities start giving up, what will the rest of us mere mortals do?

We say this because recently a string of celebrities have started scaring their fans by suggesting that they are switching off. What are they switching off from? From Anoushey Ashraf and Mehreen Syed to Feroze Khan and Hina Altaf, it seems that so many celebs are getting tired of all the work they have to do and they need to take a break. What in the world is going on?

Mehreen Syed took to Instagram to share the following message: “So done with my phone! Time to switch it off! #SwitchedOff,” while our favourite fitness freak Feroze Khan said, “I no longer have the energy to go to the gym. This is it! #SwitchedOff.” Mehreen Syed is social media queen and Feroze Khan has a fitness regime we all aspire for. How could he be giving it up! Even Mehwish Hayat suggested that she is done with her morning routine. “I’m done with my morning jog routine! Have had enough! #SwitchedOff,” she wrote.





We really don’t blame them because living in the 21st century can be exhausting but we are sure as hell curious as to what they’re all up to. What do you guys think is happening? Are all the celebs getting together and running off for a vacation? Is it an attempt to de-clutter their lives? Follow this space to find out what these guys are up to!


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