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As much as we’d like to believe that our favourite celebs chomp on salads and count calories all the time in order to maintain that perfect physique, they’re just as human as we are. They too have days when everything seems to be falling apart and delicious comfort food is the only saving grace there is.

It could be a warm bowl of healthy homemade soup or spoons full of cookie dough bliss; food has the power to heal the body and the soul.

Curious to know which food item brings immense joy and satisfaction to some of our favourite celebrities, we spoke to them and this is what they had to say…


Armeena Khan




“Coffee!!” was Armeena’s very prompt reply, asking if it even qualifies as food. Well, being able to relate we guess it does. “So you’ve had a stressful day at work and coffee is the perfect antidote. It’s warm and goes down like a treat; it perks me up when I’m down,” she added!


Sarwat Gilani


sarwat gilani


The ever so fit mommy of two, does not compromise even when she’s looking for comfort. And we’re guessing this is why she remains so fit and fabulous. While we look for pleasure in chocolate cake, Sarwat finds satisfaction in fruit and fibres. “I can have fruit and fibre cereals at any given point in time,” she said adding, ” It’s nutritious and yummy.”


Mansha Pasha


New Year

“Chicken corn soup is the ultimate comfort food for the soul,” revealed Mansha. “It’s warm and feels like a hug every single time,” she added.


Frieha Altaf


Frieha Altaf

Considering that Frieha has been one of the leading models in the country, it’s hard to believe that she would even touch carbs or sugar! Well, it seems to be an entirely different case! ” I love nuts! I actually gorge on dry fruits on a binge-night with a favourite series in my home theatre,” she said, adding, “I also love salt and vinegar potato chips with dip.”

Saheefa Jabbar



“I’m very desi at heart,” she said adding, ” I love meetha! Jalebi and Rasmalai make me very very happy!” Yum! We have a sudden craving for some desi mithai too, now!


Ayesha Omar


“My all-time comfort food is burgers and fries. And chocolatey desserts. And of course munchies late at night while watching Netflix! But different kinds of crisps and chips,” Ayesha shared.