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With the change in government, Karachiites were expecting a better and safe environment but unfortunately there is an alarming rise in street crime in the metropolitan city. Increasing incidents of mugging have infuriated the media fraternity.

Event manager and fashion choreographer, Frieha Altaf was held at gun point in Karachi’s Khayaban-e-Muhafiz area two nights ago as she was driving back home from FPW with her daughter. Three boys halted their vehicle and snatched cellphones, jewels, cash, credit cards and handbags.

“Got held up @ gunpoint coming home frm fashion week last night with my daughter. 3 adolescent boys on a bike! Nothing worse than having a gun in your face with ur kid in the car. Khi needs a cleanup asap. My real estate agent has been held up 11 times! #NayaPakistan @ImranKhanPTI, [sic]” Frieha tweeted.



She added that material things are significant in comparison to the stress that a person faces during a mugging episode.“Your right! Material things don’t matter. My daughter was v v upset. I told her you live your life. If you get scared these terrorists win. [sic]”



Other celebrities have agreed with her stance and voiced their opinions on Twitter. Earlier, CEO ARY Films Jerjees Seja asked Sindh government to look into the matter. In response, Fahad Mustafa spoke about the striking contrast in law and order situation between Lahore and Karachi with his tweet:



Hopefully the authorities will take a notice of the worsening situation. Our fingers are crossed