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Tonite with HSY episode 5: We’ve always wondered if our entertainment industry is the one big happy family that it wants the world to believe it is or do our stars get thrilled to see failure, disapproval or even social media embarrassment at the expense of their peers. We have always known from “reliable” sources and common sense that stars usually limit their opinions to behind closed doors but it is HSY that has opened the Pandora’s Box and made them (sort of) confess their secrets on national television.

Gone are the days of formats that allowed stars to build halos around themselves and we really don’t mind it because one thing Tonite with HSY has been consistent with is giving us great television. Episode 5 was no different; the couch was graced by Humaima Malick and her brother Feroze Khan, whose chemistry and kinship was exactly what was missing from the previous episode that featured Syra Sheroz and Alishba. However, what it lacked was the stars’ willingness to put themselves out there for audiences craving a peek into their lives and thoughts. Sure, Humaima spoke about her family being conservative (I wonder why all of these girls feel it necessary to bring that up) and her struggle to come into the industry but instead we were singed by why she only travels business class, stays at 7 star hotels and nothing less.



HSY is the quintessential insider to this industry and he can undoubtedly dig into the minds of his guests who at no point can ‘plead the 5th’ or hide behind tactics of deflection or denial. So why wasn’t the fact that both Humaima’s Bollywood venture and Feroze’s debut film had bombed at the box office brought up? Why didn’t Feroze Khan talk about the backlash he faced over his Instagram controversy? But instead we had to witness them term Bilal Ashraf and Aisha Khan as the most over-rated actors of 2016. At another occasion Feroze Khan also said that he would have been a better fit in Sadqay Tumhare without any explanation or logic as to why. We do want to know why.

Just like all controversies this too will be short-lived but we think it is a good time for us to clap for HSY who has finally made the stars open up. In any case, it is definitely a win-win for the voyeur audience that gets an exhibitionist star and a key-hole view of the glitzy couch, set in perfect mood lighting that looks exactly like the kind of place an A-list celebrity would unwind and condescend.

Until next time, we’re signing off…