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Trailer of upcoming film Teefa in Trouble was released last week which garnered an overwhelmingly positive feedback. The movie is a light comedy with a dose of drama and features Ali Zafar and Maya Ali in lead roles. Directed by Ahsan Rahim and produced by Ali, the film will see Maya essaying the character of Anya.

We caught up with the film’s leading lady at the trailer launch in Karachi and asked her a couple of fun questions that her fans will definitely love hearing about:



It is your debut film, how do you feel about it?

Maya Ali (MA):  I’m super excited and super nervous *fingers crossed*. We have all worked really hard so I hope the movie does well. The trailer has just launched so waiting for the feedback. I gave my best to this project, let’s see how things roll.


How was your experience working with Ali Zafar and Ahsan Rahim?

MA: It was wonderful honestly. Not even for a minute did I feel I was new in the movie business. They were super cooperative. I have worked with Ahsan previously as well, so I had this connection with him, where as with Ali, I never felt I was working with ‘the Ali Zafar’, he was extremely humble and supportive. It felt like I was with family.


What made you to work in Teefa in Trouble?

MA: Well, everything. It was a complete package and there was no reason for me to not work in this film. I knew it would be a good production when I heard of the people involved. When I was told that Ahsan Rahim is directing and Ali Zafar is starring, I had to say yes.



Describe Teefa In Trouble in one word

MA: Superb!!!


How would you describe your character in the film?

MA: It’s a very jolly character. Anya is bold, stubborn and energetic. But there’s more to her character which you guys have to find out yourself on 20th July.



One funny moment while shooting Teefa in Trouble that you would like to share with us?

MA: One??? There are soooo many, but yes there was one scene where I had to jump off a building and I was super scared, so while shooting that scene everyone laughed like maniacs because of my expressions. And another instance was where I had to drive the car and Ali was sitting next to me, I drove so rashly that Ali got scared and started yelling at me… that was too funny.


What’s next from you?

MA: You will get to know that very soon, and it’s definitely a film again.