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We can’t think of anyone as energetic and full of life as Hasan Sheheryar Yasin, more popularly known as HSY, which is why all events that include him are fun and festive and that’s exactly how the launch of the new Lux ad was. The tech savvy designer was live blogging and snapchatting, catching up with everyone before the beautiful and talented stars of the evening, Mahira Khan and Mawra Hocane arrived. (Maya Ali was out of town for her film Teefa in Trouble.) Also, not only was he the host of the evening, but he was also the man responsible for creating the looks for the leading ladies in the commercial.

Mahira, Mawra and Maya were all following a dress code in the ad, as well as on the red carpet: red, pink and white. Representing the colours of Lux’s new range of perfumed soap, all three were dressed in the same colours. Mahira steamed things up in red, Mawra was feminine and pretty in pink while Maya was a vision of elegance in white.

Something Haute got in touch with HSY to talk about how he conceived the three looks and what it was like working with the three stars. “I think the best part of this project was the fact that we all have such incredible camaraderie between us. For instance there was an issue with Mawra’s dress in the ad. We got her dress 6 hours late to the shoot. If it had been anyone else, they would have flipped. But I told Mawra and she was so cool about it. Such an attitude really makes it easy to work with.”

He also added that the ad was shot in Bahawalpur where the temperature was soaring as high as 42 to 45 degrees. “It is next to impossible to perform in such weather, especially if you have to wear all that makeup and heavily embroidered clothes but the girls pulled it off!”

Coming back to the clothes, we wondered what guidelines HSY had to adhere by and whether there was a specification on whether the clothes had to look Eastern or Western. “My instructions were simple; I had to keep it clean and simple. The ad required glamour so I had to bring that to the outfits. While the silhouettes are Western, you’ll notice that the embroidery is very Pakistani. So I fused a little bit of both.”

Watch the video below to hear what all HSY said about his Lux experience!