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As Pakistanis, I guess we’re supposed to be offended that Pakistan is the subject of this particular Hollywood film. But we aren’t. The trailer is just one of the funniest things we have seen all week! Army of One, starring a hilarious Nicholas Cage who has done a terrific job, is based on a true story: Gary Faulkner is an ex-con and unemployed handy man who believes god has sent him to capture Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. Playing god in the film is Russel Brand.

Yes, it ticks off all sorts of things that could set us off. It touches religion (but we loved Bruce Almighty and Morgan Freeman did a good job being god) and it talks about Pakistan being the hideout for Osama Bin Laden (which did happen in real life) but can we please just laugh at what’s going on screen before all the keyboard warriors start getting offended? It’s a story about a man’s ridiculous quest and from the looks of the trailer, they have managed to do a good job. This is how you make a trailer. Pakistani films, take note.

Perhaps our only issue is with the fact that the country they’ve shown as Pakistan doesn’t look like Pakistan and the Pakistani people are mostly Arabs. How hard could it be to find actual Pakistani actors to do the role? But hey, we can deal with that too if the film is as funny as it appears at the moment. Army of One releases on 4th November and we can’t wait to watch the hilarity unfold on screen!