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The red carpet for the 71st Annual Cannes Film Festival has been unrolled and the excitement keeps building with every passing hour. While this is an annual event, this year is extra special for Pakistan as Mahira Khan is all set to make her big Cannes debut with L’Oreal.

“I am deeply humbled and full of gratitude towards L’Oreal Paris Pakistan for this amazing opportunity to represent the brand and projecting Pakistan’s blossoming industry on such a prestigious international platform,” Mahira said, sharing her excitement.



The big question was what will she wear to the Cannes red carpet and everyone wanted to know if she’d be wearing a Pakistani designer or not. “Of course I will wear a Pakistani designer! I have the whole day and looks will change. So, definitely! Maybe I can go for more than one Pakistani look, but one outfit by a Pakistani designer for sure!” she told local publication Dhanak.

We asked her how she’d respond if asked how beauty or fashion is defined in Pakistan. This is what she said…



Mahira has a huge body of work on TV and in film, but when talking about it at Cannes, Humsafar is the project she would speak about as her best, she said.

Humsafar is the closest to my heart; it was my most natural work. I wasn’t acting since Khirad was a lot like me at that time.”

As for the films being screened at the festival, she reveals that she’s really looking forward to Manto – the Indian rendition of Saadat Hasan Manto’s life-story – directed by Nandita Das.

“Manto is our own writer so I’d love to see how they make Manto. I’ve worked very closely with Sarmad when he was making Manto (in Pakistan).”

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“I do not prepare myself, sometimes I just say things and maybe, later on, I do regret them,” she candidly shared about herself not being too careful. “Like the Hard Talk interview for instance. That was a hard one,” Mahira responded when asked how she plans to prepare herself for Cannes. “Answer as honestly, but a little bit more carefully as possible because you’re representing Pakistan at a word’s stage.”

“The more I read about Cannes, the more nervous I get!” she confessed revealing that most of her ramp walks are barefoot but she’s sure that won’t be the case at Cannes.

Also, for the first time ever, L’Oreal Paris will broadcast seven shows live from the legendary Martinez Beach at Cannes, titled ‘The Worth It Show’ and Mahira is set to feature in it alongside other global L’Oreal Paris spokeswomen. The ‘Worth It Show’ marks a powerful moment during the festival as it will bring women’s voices to all and unveil the ordinary women behind the actors, with their stories, their triumphs and the obstacles on the way to feeling worth it.

Mahira will be attending the event for 3 days, during which she will also be meeting with L’Oreal Paris global Makeup and Hair Styling team of Stephane Lancien, besides her engagements with noteworthy fashion designers.

More power to you Mahira because you’re definitely worth it! Keep making Pakistan proud!