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With a box office collection of PKR 8.6 Crores in 17 days, Cake the Film has managed to break all bounds in its successful – still ongoing – run. However, if you thought that was it from the team or the film, think again!

According to a post shared by the film’s official Facebook page, there are a certain few things which needed closure, and that’s why there’s more from where Cake came from.

“For those of you who have seen it and are wondering about Zara’s life in London, brace yourself kyoun ke #EkSliceAbhiBaakiHai,” the post said.

If you have seen the film – and have seen Zara’s (Sanam Saeed) storyline, you’d agree with the post too.

Possible spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched the film

So, what exactly is this about? We ask the brains behind the film, director Asim Abbasi!

“Zara’s storyline in the feature film is exactly how it was scripted,” Asim told Something Haute. “Adnan, her husband, was her broken past and although referred to multiple times, was never visualized. But, in London, we also shot a tangential narrative focused on Zara’s character, a prequel of sorts, that doesn’t have any bearing on the main storyline but is an interesting ten-minute companion piece to the film.”

According to the filmmaker, this perfect little amuse-bouche of sorts takes a unique angle than the main narrative, and will see the light of day ­– but online.

“The prologue is in English and artistically takes a different approach from the main film,” the director revealed. “We don’t have a release date yet but it will likely come out as web content.”

Are you excited for the new ‘layer’ on this Cake? We know, we are!