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We’re almost two weeks into February and have three Pakistani films playing to audiences across the country. However, have they helped local cinema? With Maan Jao Na, Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor, and Azad currently battling it out on the silver screen, the box office numbers suggest a lukewarm response.

According to independent box office websites and sources, two out of the three films running throughout Pakistan have not exactly managed to rake in huge numbers, as expected.

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Although it’s just the first few days for Azad ­– and it’s too early to analyse its success – sources and critics suggest that the Sanam Saeed starrer might have a strong foothold at the box office soon. Whereas, when it comes to AYATLOM and Adeel Chaudhary’s Maan Jao Na, both films have had a slow but gradual rise at the box office and managed to collect about 1.25 Crores and 1.3 Crores, respectively.

Despite the apparent confusion around Padman’s release and controversies regarding Padmaavat, it seems that Bollywood still is king at the Pakistani box office. Now, one just has to see how the rest of February will fare for local content and if the films currently being screened will be able to sustain films like Black Panther, which is scheduled to release this coming week.

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  • Disclaimer: All numbers and figures in the article have been provided by independent box office websites and Something Haute holds no responsibility for any discrepancy.